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As leaving behind Remedy Entertainment,Rockstar games has taken the full control on the game,lets see whats new in the game.

Its been a decade now,when we last saw Max Payne,Although Rockstar games has improved the Quality and the graphics in the game,its still the first version of the game which we remember the most.

As drinking and drugging for ten years,Max Payne look like shit in the game,but Rockstar has really boosted the details in the every environment,scenes and textures.You can also see some wrinkles on the Max faces as he is getting old now,James McCaffrey has been used for the character with a full motion capture, making Max Payne more realistic then ever before.

Some of the new things that Max can do in this release are:

-Duck and hide behind cover

-Bullet Time is much Better now

-Cinematic kill cams shows every bullet passing through the bone

Also new is a “Last Man Standing” last-resort tactic. If Max has painkillers left over but takes a fatal shot, bullet-time will activate and the reticule will aim at the enemy who “killed” you; if you land a successful shot, it kills the enemy and spares your life. Not only does this keep you in the action longer, but it you do miss and die, you at least can see exactly how you died so you can learn to watch out for that enemy the next time.

The Multiplayer mode in the game also focuses around Gang wars,its been presented in such a fashion that rather than feeling just free for roll,its kind off story running.

Max Payne will hit the stores in the mid of the may.

Closing Comments

Rockstar has taken the graphics of the game to the next level in every aspect,the great cinematics rivals the like of Uncharted.The gameplay is full of action and realism.

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